Apple to Launch Low-cost iPhone SE 2 in Q1 of 2020


Apple will launch iPhone SE 2 on the Q1 of 2020 according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst. This phone will mirror the iPhone 8 design for a lower cost.

iPhone SE 2
iPhone SE 2 | Photo from 9to5Mac

Kuo said that Apple will sell 30 to 40 -million units of Apple SE 2 across 2020. He also mentioned that most of the specs of the new iPhone SE will follow the specs of the iPhone 8.

Apple analyst didn’t predict the exact price of the new iPhone SE. Yet based on the first iPhone SE, Apple sold it for $349 for a 32GB-storage phone.

The key target market for the new iPhone SE would be iPhone 6 owners,” Kuo said.

The new iPhone SE will have a similar design and specs as the iPhone 8, an A13 bionic chip, and has a 3GB of RAM that could be “the best -upgrade choice” for those iPhone 6 users.

We forecast that Apple will launch the more affordable iPhone SE2 in 1Q20. For the most part, the form factor design and hardware spec are similar to iPhone 8’s. The most significant hardware spec upgrade will be the adoption of the A13 processor and 3GB LPDDR4X,” Kuo said.

iPhone SE 2 will likely increase iPhone’s market share and benefit Apple’s promotions for service and content. We expect that the iPhone SE2 shipment will reach 30–40mn units in 2020,” Kuo added.

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