Epic Gadgets To Try This 2016 (Video)

Epic Gadgets To Try This 2016

Epic Gadgets 2016 – The generation today has really boomed with all these gadgets and technologies. No wonder why people have been loving these devices.

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Technology has really been innovated and developed more as the years went by. There are just lots of improvements happening every day in technology.

The purpose of the innovations in technology is to make the life of people easier and more efficient.

From the young ones to the older, people just love to have the latest and the coolest and not minding the prices of these gadgets. Many people really think that having the latest devices will make someone that cooler one.

It’s really an amazing experience using the latest technologies around but, not lasts forever as new technologies will still come out defacing the present one.

Now, here are five epic gadgets one would want to have and use in their daily tech-savvy life featured by Fiver on YouTube.

1. Ora-X
Ora-X is an Android headphone with an adjustable virtual display that allows users to indulge in music, watch videos, and even play games. The Ora-x seems to be a combination of a Google Glass with a headphone. Ora-X features 50 mm dynamic drivers, active noise canceling, rechargeable battery, 3.5 mm audio input, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and Wi-fi connectivity.

2. Wekey Pocket keyboard
The Wekey Pocket keyboard is said to be the world’s thinnest and lightest foldable keyboard. It has a thickness of only under .24 in. Its size allows you to carry it on your pocket. Not only that, it’s easy to use as its layout design was of a standard PC keyboard. Another amazing thing is that it is compatible with a tablet or smartphone – not mentioning that it’s water resistant.

3. Luxidream eXo iPhone Case
The Luxidream eXo iPhone Case is a sturdy eXo-skeleton that acts as an impact absorption system combining security and luxury as well. It protects the vulnerable areas of your phone. It is made of high-quality stainless metal that came from almost 3 years of research.

4. Lycan Powerbox
The Lycan Powerbox can be your power storage solution that is ultra-efficient and portable. It acts like a generator but without noise and emission. It has battery packs that can be charged in different ways. First is solar power, car power, and AC power. It’s perfect for camping, needs at home, or just a backup system.

5. Cagebot
The Cagebot is a do-it-yourself robotic kit which allows the user to build their robot dreams for specific functionalities and purposes. There are endless possibilities with this modular technology. Also, adding motors, sensors, and energy sources really make one’s imagination into a reality.

Now, with these technologies, one can really experience the future that is nearing now.

What can you say about this technologies?

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