The Future Of Smartphones Is On Its Way, Watch Out

Future Of Smartphones

Technology has really changed over the past years and this includes the evolution of smartphones.


Smartphones are evolved kinds of cell phones which can be used in multitasking activities. Commonly, these smartphones are used in everyday lives as what they are supposed to be.

Most smartphones today are either on the platform of Windows from Microsoft, IOS from Apple, and Google’s Android.

With the downloadable apps (applications) in each of the platforms’ app stores, one can choose and install them to their smartphone depending on their needs and wants.

These apps can be of different types. There are those apps that are created for leisure, media indulgence, work, health, and more.

Aside from that, one capability of most smartphones now is the delivery of amazing photos and videos from the camera of smartphones.

It seems that smartphones really don’t settle for what is seen today but, companies have been innovating and creating new ways in order to make communication easier and more “futuristic”.

This 2016 and the coming years, it is expected for big smartphone companies to produce commercial products that would change the smartphone experience forever.

In the video posted on YouTube by Tech Blown, it featured three upcoming smartphone technologies that would boom this 2016 or the near coming years.

First of all is the Project Tango by Google. It is a technology that enables mobile devices such as a smartphone to connect the digital world to the real world by 3D mapping the real world to the phone. One amazing possible thing to do with that technology is bringing gaming into real life.

The second featured technology is Samsung’s Youm Flexible displays. With this technology, it is expected that the company will produce devices and smartphones that have bent screens with ease. This technology really brings a great number of possibilities.

The last one is the Google’s Project Ara. This technology allows one interchange and match smartphone parts in a central module board. Project Ara is a modular smartphone which allows the user to change the hardware of the smartphone from CPU, GPU, camera, screen, battery, and other helpful parts. Just imagine the possibilities with it when this project hits the market.


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