GOMO 5G Speed Tests In Demolish Competitors (Pros & Cons)

GOMO 5G Speed Tests Crush Competition

GOMO 5G SPEED TESTS – If you’re into the YouTube scene, you’ve probably seen ads for GOMO PH. But what exactly do they have to offer Filipino consumers?

Among the many complaints Filipinos have is an unstable, unreliable, and slow data connection. As such, many have expressed excitement for the upcoming Telco competitors such as DITO. However, GOMO PH has already featured promising results.

A user from Reddit by the name of u/Changeavenue posted in r/Philippines speed tests for GOMO 5G. With an insane 366 Mbps for download and 33.0 Mbps for upload, GOMO PH’s 5G speed absolutely put Globe and Smart’s average LTE speeds to shame.

However, we need to keep in mind that GOMO is a separate company that relies on Globe’s infrastructure. That means, the company is buying bandwidth wholesale and resells it to consumers. This GOMO set-up is also common in other countries as well.

Also, this means that whatever data speeds you’d have with Globe in a certain area, GOMO would probably have the same. This was noted by an article from Yugatech.

So, as long as you have a Globe signal in your area, it would work. If you’re in an area with a strong signal for Globe then GOMO’s 299 pesos for 25GB of data would be worth it. Right now, GOMO has a promo for 199 pesos and a free sim card.

One of the pros of GOMO is that it has flexible data options. So, if you’re looking to personalize your data needs, then this Sim would be perfect for you. However, speed and consistency still depend on a lot of factors such as location, the phone you’re using, and traffic from other users.

The company offers no expiration on your data, 5G and LTE service, and also, free delivery for its Simcard. Meanwhile, if you think the 299 price tag is hefty for consumers, think of it this way: With GOMO, you get 12 pesos for 1 GB that comes with 5G speed. That’s way better than most promos from Globe and Smart.

But, how will you pay for your load?

GOMO consumers could always opt for the more convenient use of GCASH, however, you could also pay using credit or debit.

To learn more about GOMO, visit their website here.

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