Friday, July 19, 2019
Leukemia Online Games

10-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia Left His Mother Shocked When He Accidentally Did This

A boy diagnosed with Leukemia accidentally spent his parents' money. LEUKEMIA – A 10-year-old boy from China accidentally spent the money that was supposed to...
Worst Technology

Best, Worst Technology In 2016, According To DICT

DICT Reveals Best, Worst Technology In 2016 Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) revealed the best and the worst technology of 2016, which become a...

Apple Reveals Changes On iPhone’s Price In 2017

Apple Company Revealed iPhone's Price Will Shake Up In 2017 Apple Company, the makers of iPhone leaks that their latest high-profile “iPhone 8” will be...

Nokia Returns To Smartphone Market: A Sneak Peek To Its 2017 Flagship Phones

Nokia is back in the smartphone market. NOKIA - After Nokia recently confirmed its return to the smartphone scene, images and details about its flagship...
Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo VS. Mitsubishi Mirage, Which Is Much Better?

Toyota Wigo VS. Mitsubishi Mirage Toyota Wigo and Mitsubishi Mirage are two of the most popular vehicles in the world, this article shows the difference...
Facebook icon

Facebook Works On Censorship Demands In China – Report

A report in New York Times said that Facebook worked on a special software to accommodate China’s censorship demands. A report in the New York...
Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 On Airplanes Following US Move

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 On Airplanes Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 - Just like the United States, Japan bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7...
US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7

US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Air Transport

US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Air Transport US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices are going to be...
Google self-driving car

The Woman Designer Behind The Google Self-Driving Car

The Google Self-Driving Car Was Designed By A Woman Google self-driving car was designed by a woman name YooJung Ahn, who aims to create a...
Auto Call Door Knob

Anti-Theft Auto Call Door Knob Invented By Filipino Grade 9 Science Student

Grade 9 Science Student-Invented an Anti-Theft Security Device Called "Auto Call Door Knob" Anti-Theft Auto Call door knob was invented by a Filipino grade 9...
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