WATCH: Vic Sotto Serenades Baby Tali With This Japanese Song


This is the reaction of Baby Tali to the Japanese song that Vic Sotto sang for her

Bossing Vic Sotto serenaded his daughter Baby Tali with a Japanese song.

Pauleen Luna-Sotto shared the video on her Instagram account. She captioned it with “Tali enjoying Da-Dee’s version of Sho-Jo-Ji. Feel na feel! Relaxed na relaxed ♥️ Tali be like “ANO DAW?”

In the video, Vic was playing the guitar to the tune of ‘Sho Jo Ji’. This is a Japanese song which is about a raccoon.

Tali and Vic Sotto
(Photo source: @pauleenlunasotto IG)

Baby Tali was sitting pretty beside her daddy while looking at him intently.

It can be seen that there was no reaction to the baby’s face as her father sings the Japanese song.

She only touched his face when Bossing got near to her.

As of the writing, the said post of Pauleen has already reached more than 700 thousand views.

Netizens who commented on this can’t help but to express their “gigil” to the adorable Baby Tali.

Instagram user @ms.cye said that she wish her baby is as cute as the celebrity baby of Pauleen and Vic.

Instagram user @lemdeguia noticed that in all the photos and videos of Tali, she is always have that serious face.

Instagram user @sqxyfay commented that the cute baby is the subject of her “paglilihi”.

Baby Tali’s cuteness matched the song her father sang for her.

Here is the translation of the said Japanese song in English:

Sho sho sho-jo-ji, sho-jo-ji is a raccoon. He is always hungry so he sings of koi koi koi. He will rub his head and tummy, rub head and rum tum tum.

Macaroons and macaroni, jelly beans, and pink abalone, koi, koi, koi, koi, koi, koi All he says is koi koi koi Sho sho sho-jo-ji, sho-jo-ji is a raccoon.

He is always hungry so he sings of koi koi koi. Always a-hungry very hungry that’s why he sings of koi


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