MOMO CHALLENGE: How To Protect Kids From This Viral Challenge


Tips on How to Protect Kids from the Viral “Momo Challenge”

MOMO CHALLENGE – Here are some tips from the experts on how to protect the kids from this viral challenge.

Recently, the so-called “Momo Challenge” has taken social media by storm and left parents and guardians alarmed about the safety of their kids.

Based on certain claims, it asks the children to do certain challenges which may put their lives at risk. The kids are allegedly quiet about it as they are being warned of the consequences if they tell their parents about it.

Allegedly, the Momo Challenge happens in certain random videos on YouTube. The video-sharing platform has previously broken its silence and stressed that it prohibits content that posts risks.

Momo Challenge

Whether this so-called “Momo Challenge” is true or not, a lot of parents now are worrying over the safety of their children. It is best to get some tips on how to protect the young ones from it.

Based on a recent report on ABS-CBN News, psychologist and digital parenting expert Dr. Michele Alignay and other experts shared some tips on how parents can protect their kids from the “Momo Challenge”.

Here is a list of the tips in protecting your children:

1. Discuss it with the kids

According to the psychologist, it is best that the children know about it so they themselves would be informed about it. She encourages the parents to use it to teach the kids “to be critical on media”.

2. Organize a family media plan

Based on the report, another tip to protect your kids from the viral “Momo Challenge” is to organize a family media plan which may involve coming up with rules on gadget use and the areas in the house where they are allowed to do so.

3. Use parental control apps

According to cybersecurity consultant Henry Lee, using a parental control app like the Google’s FamilyLink can help parents locate and keep track of the online activities of their children.

Furthermore, Lee expressed that this free app also allows the deletion of access to certain apps and the setting of restrictions for search engines.

Indeed, it is best that we keep an eye on our children when they are exploring the online world. Hopefully, these tips on how to protect your kids from the viral “Momo Challenge” are helpful to you.


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