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Friday, October 2, 2020

Ecuador Police Has Unique Approach To Deal With Those Without Masks

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Ecuador Police Has Unique Approach In Promoting Health Protocols

ECUADOR POLICE UNIQUE APPROACH – Instead of being aggressive and strict, authorities from Ecuador have a new way of approaching people without masks.

Millions of people around the world are affected by the deadly coronavirus. As such, some countries have strict policies when it comes to proper health protocols as a countermeasure against COVID-19. For example, countries like the Philippines have one of the strictest policies in Asia. Those without masks in public are most likely going to be arrested.

However, Ecuador seemed to have embraced the meme culture when they decided on how they would deal with the virus. The Ghana Ritual meme or more popularly known as the dancing coffin meme has been used as a way to emphasize the deadly repercussions of going out without a mask.

Ecuador Police Has Unique Approach To Deal With Those Without Masks
Image from: Reddit

In a video posted on Reddit by user “dmavs420” we could see a man on the streets without a mask being carried by coffin dancers. What’s more impressive is that the dancer also have a COVID-19 mascot that dances along with them. Here is the full video:

After they carried the man without a mask, a police officer came around, not to give him a ticket for violating public protocols, but to give him his own mask. The video quickly went viral over the internet gaining thousands of views on various social media platforms.

Here are some of the comments from Reddit:

“I thought they took a dead guy out of the coffin and started dancing with him”.

What I want to know is where you can get get that coronavirus suit🤣

We should have a bunch of these corona virus mascots crash an anti-mask protest.

According to the netizens, the video was taken from Quinidine in Ecuador. Furthermore, this event was a campaign to enforce wearing of face masks and to promote social distancing.

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