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Imelda Marcos Trends On Twitter Because Of This Shocking Issue

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Imelda Marcos Trends On Twitter Following Arrest Of 60-Year-Old Shoplifter

IMELDA MARCOS TRENDS – The wife of the late President, Ferdinand Marcos trended on Twitter because of a well-known issue against her.

Earlier, a 60-year-old woman was arrested for shoplifting in a convenience store in Bel-Air, Makati. Among the items that she took were chocolate bars, cans of luncheon meat, and three body sprays.

Meanwhile, netizens of Twitter sympathized with the old lady and compared her situation to that of Imelda Marcos who was previously charged for funneling around $200 million from Swiss Foundations in the 1970s. The first lady was then served with 6 to 11 years in prison for each of the seven violations she was charged with.

Imelda Marcos Trends On Twitter Because Of This Shocking Issue
Image from: The San Diego Tribune

However, the case took almost 30 years of trials by several judges and prosecutors. But eventually, she was cleared by the Supreme Court of any charges against her.

Now, netizens on Twitter are abuzz with how the authorities handled the case of the 60-year-old shoplifter. Here are some of the comments:

A 60-year old woman just got arrested for shoplifting at a convenience store in Bel-Air Makati. Meanwhile, Imelda Marcos still roams free despite being found guilty of graft. Ladies and gentlemen, the justice system in the Philippines.

“This is so sad, see how justice works differently from those in power and those in poverty? Imelda Marcos was not imprisoned because she was given compassion for her ‘old age’ meanwhile people whose last resort is to commit crimes to feed their families are immediately locked up.”

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