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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wedding Dress Out Of Divorce Papers: 15-Year-Old Artists Sends Warning

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Student Creates Wedding Dress Out Of 1500 Divorce Papers

DIVORCE PAPER WEDDING DRESS – A 15-year-old art student created a wedding dress out of divorce papers as a warning to those rushing marriage.

With a dash of melancholic irony, Demi Barnes made a wedding dress out of 1500 divorce papers. The art piece brought awareness to the issues of rushing marriages.

Wedding Dress Out Of Divorce Papers: 15-Year-Old Artists Sends Warning
Image from: Clyde | Facebook

Rushing into things is generally not the best idea, especially when it comes to a potential lifetime commitment such as marriage. According to an article from Frasercoast, a study revealed that couples who dated for 2 years had a 20% lower chance of divorce than those who dated for a year.

Meanwhile, couples who were together for more than three years were 50% less likely to get a divorce. However, these statistics are not a perfect estimation as there is still no prescribed amount of time when talking about a lifelong commitment.

In Sweden, Norway, and France, 75% of couples lived together for a period of years after before getting married. However, almost 50% of those couples ended up having a divorce.

The key takeaway from this is to think things over. Marriage isn’t only a piece of paper you keep in a folder somewhere collecting dust. Furthermore, staying in a committed relationship without marriage isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Based on an article from the Guardian, the decision of whether a young couple stays together in marriage depends on why they married in the first place. Kate Figes, author of Couples: The Truth, said most young couples over-romanticized the notions of having a soulmate. Meanwhile, others marry for security, a better life, or a more financially stable lifestyle.

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