Harry Roque Doppelganger Spotted – Netizens React

Harry Roque Doppelganger Goes Viral

HARRY ROQUE – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque has been the target of memes, but this time, netizens found his doppelganger.

Aside from being the Presidential Spokesperson, Roque is first and foremost, much like the rest of us, an ordinary Filipino citizen. As such, Roque has been engaging in activities we normally would such as visiting dolphins in an ocean park, working out, and enjoying the countryside.

However, netizens have recently been buzzing about a photo of Roque in a much more different setting that we’re used to. Meet, professional e-sports player Harry Roque?

Obviously, one of the biggest industries in South Korea is gaming. But, little did the world know that it would produce a doppelganger for the Philippines’ Presidential Spokesperson.

Harry Roque Doppelganger Spotted – Netizens React
Image from: Jesley Gavasan

The viral photo was uploaded by Facebook netizen Jesely Gavasan. As of writing, the photo has gotten over 61 thousand shares, 39 thousand reactions, and over two thousand comments.

If you looked closely at the photo, you could easily spot the doppelganger. When comparing photos of Roque, one would definitely see the resemblance. Here is a comparison:

Harry Roque Doppelganger Spotted – Netizens React

Some netizens said that if you put glasses on the Korean pro gamer, everybody would mistake him for Harry Roque. Meanwhile, netizens also found another look-a-like in the Photo.

Apparently, the player sitting two seats away from the Roque Doppelganger looked like team Payaman’s “Junnie Boy”.

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