Jose Mari Chan New Song For Quarantine Goes Viral

Jose Mari Chan New Song Spreads Positive Vibes Across Social Media

JOSE MARI CHAN NEW SONG – The Philippines’ favorite Christmas Season personality Jose Mari Chan uploaded new lyrics to one of his classic songs.

If there’s one thing that Filipinos love more than Christmas itself, it’s the iconic Jose Mari Chan. For the longest time, the singer has become a staple name for the holiday season in the Philippines, cementing himself as part of the yuletide tradition.

Jose Mari Chan New Song For Quarantine Goes Viral
Image from: Two_Oh_Teen | Twitter

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Recently, Chan sang new lyrics to his classic song “Let’s stop and talk for a while” that’s perfectly fitting for the quarantine season. Here is the full video uploaded by Twitter Netizen @two_oh_teen:

Chan’s voice is just so joyful and full of glee that listeners just can’t help but smile. It seems like he gets more and more charming as the years go by. Here is the lyrics to his song:

Fancy meeting you in my internet
Couldn’t help but notice your smile
While everybody else around they’re just surfing about
Can we just stop and chat a while..

I’ve been often told, our worlds growing old
And that friends are harder to find
To tell me more about yourself
We can share an hour or two and do face time

Maybe then we could go together and surf
Places that we’ve never seen
Getaway from this gray and boring lonesome days
of our Quarantine..

Early yet to say what lies ahead
It’s just the first day of the rest of our lives
Can we just stop and chat a while
get to know each other, I really love your smile

Love could be waiting at the end of this quarantine
Let’s stop and talk a while..
Let’s stop and talk a while..

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