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Monday, December 6, 2021

Almost 300K Signed For #AcademicFreeze Petition

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Almost 300K Signed Petition For #AcademicFreeze

ACADEMICFREEZE – As thousands of more students begin blended learning, AcademicFreezeNow became the top trending topic on social media with almost 300K signed up for #AcademicFreeze.

Since the implementation of online and blended learning schemes, both students and teachers have voiced out several complaints. Students have voiced out that they are being overworked and are merely forced to pass modules without any actual learning.

Along with this, the issues regarding connectivity amid a shift to an online scheme has also been a major issue. As such, a petition was started on Change.Org to cancel the academic year 2020-2021.

Almost 300K Signed For #AcademicFreeze Petition

The goal of the petition is to reach 300,000 signatures. Currently, there are over 265,852 people that have signed up for the petition to the Education Department.

Furthermore, the petition cited the following reasons as to why the academic freeze is important amid the pandemic:

  • Not every students in the Philippines have stable internet connections at home.
  • Not all of the students are privileged to own the materials that they would be needing on the online based education that DepEd wants to implement this school year
  • Even though that there would be printed materials that will be delivered to the homes of the students through courier service, the parents would be obliged to use their money for the courier fees instead of using that amount for their necessities in the middle of this pandemic
  • Comprehension of lessons may not be effective

To learn more about the petition, check it out on Change.Org.

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