A Giant Lapu-lapu Fish Caught in Brgy. Antulang in Siaton, Negros Oriental

The residents of Antulang in Siaton, Negros Oriental never expected that they would catch a giant lapu-lapu fish in their waters. It is nearly as long as a person, as seen in the photos posted on social media. This unexpected event has raised concerns among some netizens, speculating that it might be a warning of an impending disaster in the area.

Giant Lapu Lapu in Negros Oriental

Since November of last year, various coastal areas in the country have witnessed an abundance of fish, with their numbers reaching unprecedented levels. The residents have been actively fishing, taking advantage of this unusual phenomenon. Additionally, there has been an increase in the appearance of ‘hipon’ along some coastlines in the country, and just recently, the influx of a particular species of fish known locally as “lupoy” was captured.

According to the elders’ beliefs and what was documented during the Japanese era, the presence of uncommon fish on the shoreline or their capture is often considered a precursor to an impending disaster, specifically earthquakes. While these beliefs have been passed down through generations, science also explains the phenomenon. Fish, it is said, may come closer to the sea’s surface due to a lack of food or oxygen beneath the ocean.

Tones of Tamban and Hipon

Each one of us interprets events like these differently, but if there is indeed a calamity approaching, let us take it as a warning and prepare ourselves for the potential damages it may bring. It’s essential to heed both traditional beliefs and scientific explanations, finding a balance between cultural wisdom and modern understanding to ensure the safety and preparedness of the community in the face of unforeseen events. Whether the giant lapu-lapu is seen as a mystical sign or a scientific occurrence, being alert and proactive in response to these occurrences can contribute to the resilience of the community in times of adversity.

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