A Video Taken at Mike Enriquez’s Last Birthday Celebration with his Colleagues has Gone Viral

Recently, the entire country mourned the passing of the esteemed news anchor, Sir Mike Enriquez, who passed away at the age of 71 due to complications with his kidneys. Sir Mike was known not only for his exceptional journalism but also for his kindness and generosity. In the days following his passing, many shared memories and stories about his benevolence, including a special last birthday surprise from his radio colleagues.

Mike Enriquez Birthday

In a rare moment, a video was released showing Sir Mike’s joy during his last birthday celebration. He was surrounded by his radio colleagues, and in this video, we can see just how happy Sir Mike was and how he received surprises from his companions. After blowing out the cake, he announced to his colleagues that he would treat them to lunch the following Wednesday upon his return, and on that very day, he would order pizza for them.

Mike Enriquez Birthday

During this occasion, it wasn’t just Sir Mike’s happiness that was the center of attention, but also his kindness. Countless stories were shared about the times he provided help to those in need. His gesture of treating his colleagues to a free lunch at work was just one of many examples of his kindness and generosity.

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