Aiko Melendez Freaks Out After Eating a Cockroach in a Vlog

In one of Agassi Ching’s vlogs, he invited Aiko Melendez to their house, claiming that his mother is a big fan of Aiko. However, before they could even enter the house, Agassi conspired with Aiko to prank his mother. His mother believed that Aiko was unaware of the prank, but the truth was that Aiko was in on it, and it was Agassi’s mother, Gina, who was the target of the prank.

Aiko Melendez Prank

Aiko and Gina happily chatted after Agassi introduced them, with Gina listing down the movies and TV shows Aiko that she had watched. Aiko, in turn, conversed with Gina, even mentioning that she once had a boyfriend, Aga Mulach. The atmosphere was light and cheerful as they sat down to eat and continued their lively conversation.

However, during the meal, Aiko suddenly felt something different in her food. Quickly realizing there was something off, she rushed to the side to spit out what she had eaten, only to discover it was a cockroach. Aiko erupted in anger and confronted Gina about the prank, expressing her frustration.

Aiko Melendez Prank

Before the prank, Agassi had informed his mother about his plan, but Gina was hesitant and didn’t want to go through with it. When Aiko started losing her temper and questioned Gina, Gina desperately denied involvement, blaming Agassi for the entire prank. Aiko persistently tried to pinpoint Gina’s role in the conspiracy, fueled by her anger and the collaboration between Agassi and Aiko. Agassi clarified that it was an edible cockroach that he placed in Aiko Melendez’s soup.

As Gina was on the verge of tears, unable to contain her emotions, Aiko couldn’t help but reveal that it was all a prank. Laughter ensued, and Aiko embraced Gina, acknowledging the comedic nature of the situation. For Agassi, it became the most memorable prank he had ever pulled on his mother.

The vlog captured the rollercoaster of emotions, from anticipation and excitement to frustration and eventually laughter, creating a memorable and entertaining experience for the participants and the viewers.

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