Alarming System of Chowking Philippines: A Cry of Concern from Netizens

Recently, a post went viral, causing concern among netizens about the implementation of a system in a branch of Chowking Philippines. According to the said post, the crew members are required to go house-to-house to take orders, and this is allegedly the decision of their branch.

Chowking Crew

One crew member shared the challenges of their daily tasks. According to them, they need to walk six thousand (6,000) steps every day. This requirement stems from the poor sales situation within a mall. Furthermore, if they choose to take public transportation like a jeepney or tricycle, they are responsible for their fare, which is not covered by the restaurant.

A significant challenge for the crew is the need to walk approximately fifteen (15) minutes to retrieve and deliver orders. Another point raised by the video uploader is the lack of an umbrella and water for the crew, especially in the midst of intense and hot weather.

Chowking Crew

The netizen who uploaded the video respectfully presented the crew’s situation to seek assistance and shed light on this particular concern. The crew member agreed with the video upload, confirming and elaborating on their day-to-day challenges.

However, the fate of this video seems uncertain. It’s unclear which specific branch of Chowking is at the center of this issue, but based on the crew’s language, it may be located in Visayas or Mindanao, where the Bisaya language is more prevalent.

Over time, the video has reached 738,000 views and continues to gain traction. The uploader’s objective is not only to generate discussion about their plight but also to bring clarity and potential action to the attention of the concerned branch of Chowking, whose system appears to be inconsistent with humane and just practices.

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