VIRAL: Are Going To The “Suntukan Sa Ace Hardware” Event?

There is one event really puzzles many Filipino netizens from Facebook right now, it’s all about the Suntukan Sa Ace Hardware event. Many have become curious about the said ”event” that is scheduled to happen on April 15, 2016, 3 p.m. at ‘allegedly’ at Ace Hardware, SM Lucena City which was created and organized by an imaginary persona named, “Mr. Balagbag: Tuberong kulay green” (that’s actually NSFW-ish).


The Facebook event did have more than 35,000 attendees who have confirmed coming to the said event. People said that the  “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware” event was just part of the gimmicks of the famous hardware store to gain social media engagement. But others said that it’s just non-sense.

The fictitious character of the Balagbag page was also known as a fan page manager of humor and viral psots page. He is even the page manager of a parody account of actor Baron Geisler who is, according to the event, will be the officiating referee for the said boxing match.

But, even this event is just a “non-sense” for the many, famous personalities like the Filipino band Moonstar88 joined the thousands that jumped with the funny post.


The band posted on their Twitter account abut not directly pertaining the event. The popular band said that they wanted to play music at Ace hardware this April 15.

Then, with all the buzzes and talks over Facebook about the “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware” event, someone finally asks Ace Hardware on Facebook. This is what the hardware store said.

ace-hardware-statement suntukan1

Hi, please be informed that no such event was created nor organized by ACE Hardware. ACE Hardware does not condone nor tolerate violence of any kind. Please be guided accordingly.

Suntukan Sa Ace Hardware literally means “Punch Fight at Ace Hardware”.

This event is just fictional.

Now, are you still going to the “Suntukan sa Ace Hardware”? Don’t.

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