Watch: Arrogant Cebu Traffic Enforcers Harassed Motorist Without Knowing His Violation


Arrogant Cebu Traffic Enforcers Harassed Motorist

Arrogant Cebu Traffic Enforcers – A post by a netizen is now going viral showing two men harassing a truck driver in Cebu after an alleged violation which the driver didn’t know what exactly it is, the post said.

A certain Facebook user named Danica Njela Mier Alcontin posted and wrote saying that these two men introduced themselves as policemen.

According to Alcontin, the driver doesn’t know what his road violation is that the two men immediately harassed him which can be seen in the video. Alcontin also claimed that these two men were in the spirit of alcohol.

arrogant cebu traffic enforcers

“Hi Guys, Please help us look for this people who assumed that they are police assaulting our driver and the passenger. Wala sila kabaw unsa ila violation and nanukmag diritso sa driver, mga hubog pajud.”

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Image credit: Danica Njela Mier Alcontin/Facebook

She added that these “policemen” were arrogant as one of the then, the one in an orange shirt can be seen carrying a gvn while confronting the passenger of the truck.
“Hambogero kaau mga animal nagdala2 og pusil unya ang mga citom nga y ayo wala naman lang jud nanawag og Police para makatabang namu.”

Alcontin initially claims that these men were from the Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM), but commenters said that it might be impossible as their jurisdiction is only in the city proper and not in Mandaue.

A commenter presumed that the two men were traffic officers of Mandaue.



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