Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Wants To Fight Driver

Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Video Goes Viral

BARANGAY OFFICIALS CONFISCATES KEYS – A video of a barangay official confiscating the keys of a Grab driver went viral on social media.

There was a commotion on a checkpoint where a barangay official confiscated the keys of a driver. As such, the Grab driver began filming. However, upon filming, the barangay official began raising his tone.

He even warned the driver saying “Tuloy mo lang yang ginagawa mo.. ang ginagawa mo tama ba yun?”. As a repsonse, the driver asked the official what he did wrong. However, the official simply walked away saying sly remarks.

Barangay Official Confiscates Keys Of Grab Driver, Wants To Fight Driver
Image from: Trending Videos | Facebook

But, even though the issue with the driver was unclear, the official still took it upon himself to confiscate the driver’s keys. Even traffic enforcers of police don’t have the authority to confiscate the keys of a driver. Still, this official wanted to take the law into his own hands.

As the tensions heated, the driver told the officials that if he had a violation, he should’ve been given a ticket instead of having his keys confiscated. But, after asking these sensible questions, the official then sarcastically remarked with “Kayo pa matapang.. tuloy mo lang ‘yan brad”.

After a few minutes, another official came to the checkpoint and immediately said “bawal yang ginagawa mo” at the grab driver taking the video. “Huwag mo akong binibidyuhan ha”, he added.

Then, the official shouted, “ibigay mo na ang licencya mo para maticketan kita”. Afterward, the Grab driver asked “Sige po, ano po ba ang ipang ticket nyo?”.

However, the other official didn’t actually have a ticket on him. Instead he responded with “May Panicket kami.. tatawag lang kami”.. But, things further escalated as the official who took the keys started to become irritated ang began walking toward the Grab Driver with intent to harm as the driver felt unsafe.

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