Camille Viloan Cum Laude Graduate Gifted a Goat by Boyfriend

In the digital era, numerous photos and Videos go viral due to unique and entertaining events. Recently, delightful photos spread on social media showcasing an extraordinary graduation gift. In the photos, Ton Ton Funtilon surprises his girlfriend, Camille Viloan, who graduated Cum Laude from Notre Dame of Midsayap College (NDMC) in Midsayap, Cotabato, with a live goat.

On the graduation day itself, which took place on a Sunday, the reactions of Viloan’s relatives and friends were captured in photos. They couldn’t help but laugh and be amused by Funtilon’s unusual gift. The goat, tied up and well-cared for, was handed over by Funtilon to Viloan, who was both shocked and delighted by the gift.

According to Viloan, she never expected such a gift because her boyfriend isn’t typically fond of giving surprises. Their relationship, which began when she was just in 11th grade, has been strengthened by Funtilon’s unwavering support until her college graduation. Viloan graduated with a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies from NDMC, a significant achievement not only for her but also for her family.

Viloan expressed her gratitude to her boyfriend for being her pillar of support throughout her academic journey. She conveyed her immense happiness and appreciation, not just for the gift but for Funtilon’s constant support and love. The unique gift symbolizes their strong relationship and hope for many more years together.

This video quickly went viral on social media, garnering numerous views, likes, and shares. Many netizens commented, mostly amused and entertained by Funtilon’s unique way of showing his love. Some shared their own stories of unusual gifts they had received or given.

Despite all this, Viloan remains humble and grounded. For her, the most important thing is the love and support of the people around her. The goat she received is not just a gift but a reminder of their strong bond and the joy of completing an important chapter in her life.

This heartwarming and funny incident has captured the hearts of many online, making it a memorable highlight of Viloan’s graduation celebration. It serves as an inspiration for others to appreciate the meaningful and sometimes unconventional ways in which loved ones show their support and affection.

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