Child Allegedly Predicts Eruption of Mount Kanlaon, Goes Viral

In a surprising turn of events, a child named Yoyo has gained widespread attention after allegedly predicting the eruption of Mount Kanlaon. According to a post by Yoyo’s mother, Ross Espartero Mejica, the incident occurred on the afternoon of June 3, 2024.

Mount Kanlaon

Ross recounted that they were on their way home to La Castellana, Negros Occidental when their vehicle experienced a flat tire. While the tire was being fixed, the family noticed the stunning appearance of Mount Kanlaon, with its cone shape looking particularly majestic. Amidst the admiration, Yoyo made a startling comment. With a serious expression, he told his mother that the volcano was going to erupt. Ross, taken aback by the gravity in Yoyo’s voice, playfully asked, Oh? How do you know? Did it tell you it was going to erupt? “Oohh?? Paano mo nahambal, ging hambalan yaka nga malupok na sya haw?” Yoyo looked at her with a somber face and simply replied, Yes, Ma. “Oo Ma”

The family, including Ross, dismissed Yoyo’s prediction as the imaginative talk of a child, laughing it off and continuing with their day. However, mere hours later, news broke that Mount Kanlaon had indeed erupted. Ross described feeling goosebumps and chills as she recalled her son’s eerie prediction.

The post by Ross Espartero Mejica quickly went viral, capturing the fascination of many who were amazed by the uncanny accuracy of Yoyo’s statement. The story has sparked a wave of reactions, ranging from disbelief to curiosity about the nature of Yoyo’s prediction. Some speculated about the possibility of children having unexplained intuitions or premonitions, while others chalked it up to coincidence.

Mount Kanlaon, one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, has a history of eruptions. The sudden eruption on June 3 led to evacuations and heightened alert levels in the surrounding areas. While volcanic activity is closely monitored by experts, the accuracy of Yoyo’s casual prediction has left an indelible impression on those who have heard his story.

As the tale of Yoyo’s prediction spreads, it serves as a reminder of the mysteries that still surround human intuition and natural phenomena. Whether viewed with skepticism or wonder, the incident has certainly left many pondering the potential depths of a child’s insight.

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