Viral: Duterte Answer Media Questions In His Known Ways

President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte allowed himself to be interviewed by media after naming the mayors, judges, congressmen, and police officials that are link to illegal drug activities. Duterte was known in his way of talking that seems unpleasant and harsh for other listeners. He always saying inappropriate words when the media is starting to strike him with hot and controversial issues. He answered every questions that was thrown to him. He was asked by one of the press in his way of making decisions and action regarding to the previous issue of the annihilation of drug lords and drug syndicates. He said that he will going to let the military and the police to put their lives at risk when in come to the operation against outlaws.

The President didn’t hold his words just to express his desire to stop the problem of corruption, conspiracy and illegal activities of those person who are using their influence, power and money just to cover their wrong doings. What a brave man to say that in the position given to him (the presidency), he put his life at stake, his honor and his dignity. He said that he is ready and willing to lose these things even the presidency if he is wrong. He also cited that whatever might happen under his presidency, he will take full responsibilities and he will face the consequences that his actions and decisions might bring.

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