Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ethel Booba’s Funny But Witty Way Of Filling Out Bb. Pilipinas ApplicationForm Goes Viral

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Ethel Booba has a funny but witty way of filling out the Bb. Pilipinas application form and it caught the attention of many netizens.

Ethel Booba is one of the stand-up comediennes who found also a career in showbiz and she is known for incorporating music in humor for she is also a good singer.

Another thing that is unique to her is when she plays to be dumb especially when she playfully speaks in English.

Ethel Booba

She had a tweet which she shared a screenshot photo of the Bb. Pilipinas application form with her name and photo on it.

The comedienne said on her caption that it was really indeed hard to fill out the form and she had a following statement to it.

According to her second statement about the registration form of beauty queen aspirants, she explained her answer to the space intended for “Sex”.

“Sa nagtatanong why ONCE A WEEK and nakalagay sa SEX kasi imposible naman itanong ng @RealBbPilipinas ang GENDER kasi puro BABAE kasali. Charot!,” Ethel Booba said on her post.

The funny but yet witty way of how the comedienne answered the form caught the attention of many netizens.

(Kaloka FB Page)

The Facebook Page ‘Kaloka’ shared it and the post went viral.

As of the writing, the said post of the screenshot of Ethel’s tweet has already over 3 thousand reactions and it has been shared for more than 1.2 thousand times.

It also received more than 200 comments from netizens who reacted to the funny post from the comedienne.

There was a netizen in the person of ‘Jeffrey Congayo Perdigon’ that it was indeed a witty answer because why “sex” should be included in the form while netizen ‘Rafael Kilan’ asked if she is sure all the aspiring beauty queens are really women.

There were also several netizens who commented on the post said that “once a week is boring”.


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