Full-Haired 10-Week-Old Baby Becomes Internet Star

A 10-week-old baby named Isabelle has become an Internet star because even at a young age, the baby is already a full-haired baby.

The photo that widespread the Internet was from the couple named Dave and Mackenzie Kaplan. It was their daughter named Isabelle who was just about 10-weeks old.

What really caught the attention of the people is the baby’s thick mane which is not that normal to lots of infants.

After posting the photo in social media as everybody does, friends and family then told the couple from San Francisco that their full-haired baby Isabelle’s photo was being shared across different social media sites.


In an interview with Dave Kaplan, the father, on CNN said that his cousin named Colin from Oregon texted him saying, “I think I may have caused this”.

Colin then revealed to Dave that he shared the photo on the social media site Reddit with the caption, “My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman.”

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The photo of the full-haired baby Isabelle even started a Photoshop battle on Reddit wherein many users have submitted their edits which one of the edits made her look like a cherub in a painting.

full-haired baby

Not only simple people became interested with the baby’s looks but also celebrities like Mario Lopez posting it on Instagram.


Dave then credits his family side because of what happened to her daughter that’s currently gaining so much attention.

“My mom said that at 3 months old my bangs were already going into my eyes,” Dave said on CNN. Not wondering where the full-haired baby got hers.

That only tells that this resulted from some plays in genetics. This has been supported by Jennifer Shu who is a pediatrician and the co-author of the book, “Heading Home with Your Newborn”.

Finally, Dave also gives credits to people editing their daughter’s photos to make hilarious images out of it. He said that he was amazed by the creativity of people and it was all fun.

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