Garbage Collector from Quezon City Finds Gold Coin Valued at Over 100,000 Pesos

The life of a garbage collector from Quezon City took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon an unimaginable treasure in her garbage – a gold coin that changed everything. This is the story of Nanay Gemma, who brought a seemingly ordinary coin to Boss Toyo, thinking it was worth only 5,000 pesos. Little did she know, its actual value exceeded 100,000 pesos.

Garbage Collector Finds Gold Coin

With tears in her eyes, Nanay Gemma entered the Pinoy Pawnstar shop, owned by Boss Toyo, carrying two coins wrapped in plastic from her trade of collected junk. At first glance, Boss Toyo assumed the coins were made of bronze, but he admitted his lack of knowledge in dealing with coins. Seeking expertise, he reached out to a coin specialist named Angelo Bernardo.

Upon Angelo’s initial inspection, he immediately recognized that the coin was genuine gold based on its weight. The particular coin turned out to be a South African Gold Coin, manufactured in Africa to market their gold. These coins are classified as fine gold coins, often used as investments. Instead of depositing money in a bank, people choose to invest in coins for potential growth.

Garbage Collector Finds Gold Coin

The gold coin weighed nearly 34 grams, with a purity of 21 karats. Considering its gold value, it was valued at over 100,000 pesos. However, as a businessman, Boss Toyo needed to make a profit. He decided to purchase the coin for 100,000 pesos instead of his initial offer of 90,000 pesos, understanding that Nanay Gemma, too, needed the capital to start her own business.

With this unexpected windfall, Nanay Gemma embarked on a new business venture, marking a significant change from being a junk dealer. The story of Nanay Gemma teaches us that sometimes, treasures can be found in the most unexpected places, turning ordinary lives into extraordinary stories of success and transformation.

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