Gloc-9 Breaks His Silence Regarding His Performance At Binay’s Campaign Rally

Well-known Philippine rapper and artist, Aristotle Pollisco a.k.a. Gloc-9 recently received negative comments and thoughts from netizens after performing at the campaign rally of Atty. Abbie Binay, daughter of the presidential candidate, VP Jejomar Binay at Makati, March 28.

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Many people online were disappointed after seeing the photo of the rapper performing for the said candidate. He performed during the proclamation rally for the mayoralty race of Atty. Abbie Binay with the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard bearer Vice-President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay and his colleagues.

According to an article written in Newfitness, Gloc-9 performed a new song called “Pareho Tayo” which means “We’re The Same” during the campaign rally. But months before, the rapper said that he would refuse offers to write campaign jingles for candidates for the coming elections.

The song states about the claim of sympathy of Binay towards the poor people of the city although being accused of billions of pesos in questionable transactions done during Binay’s reign as the mayor of Makati for a long time.

Gloc-9’s management gave a statement to Orange Magazine regarding the issue.

Like many artists, Gloc-9 has been performing in various sorties since February of this year. During campaign season, it is normal for artists and celebrities to get gigs that are connected to or have something to do with the coming elections. In the past month alone, Gloc-9 has performed in sorties for local candidates regardless of party affiliations in Laguna, Bocaue, and Cavite. That it is this Makati gig that has gotten mileage is no surprise, and that has more to do with the media than with Gloc-9.

To Gloc-9 management this was just a regular sortie gig for a local candidate, no different from the sorties before it, and the sorties that will come after it.

The brilliant rapper and artist also gave his statement on Facebook.

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