John Lloyd Cruz’s “Guada” Post Created A Fuss Among Netizens

Several netizens made a fuss over the post of John Lloyd Cruz with the caption “Guada” and they gave their own interpretations.

Netizens made a fuss over the recent Instagram post of John Lloyd Cruz which featured photo of a swimming pool inside a fenced area with the caption “Guada”.

John Lloyd Cruz
(Photo source: @johnlloydcruztm IG)

The said post of the Kapamilya A-list actor was shared on the IG fan account @jlc_ellen.

On that IG account, a question was raised: Any guess what is “guada”?

Several netizens expressed what are their thoughts regarding the said word that was used by JLC as a caption.

Instagram user @xtunexzelle predicted that is was the name of his baby with Ellen Adarna but the admin of the fan page easily corrected that reportedly their child is a boy.

Several netizens gave the meaning of the “Guada” as how the internet search engine provided them.

One pointed out that it is a word referred to a baby girl’s name with an Arabic origin and was derived from the word “Guadalupe”.

Figuratively speaking, some said that is means crib or something under one’s guard or possession.

John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna
(file photo)

There were also some who interpreted it literally basing from the photo that the Kapamilya actor posted. According to them, it means “fence” as JLC was showing the fence surrounding the swimming pool.

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Several of the netizens pointed out that it was the name of the house of the controversial couple.

A few others said that it is where the house of Ellen and John Lloyd is located, in Guadalupe, Cebu City.

Here are some comments from netizens from the Instagram post of @jlc_ellen.

Guada post of JLC received these comments
(screen shot from @jlc_ellen IG)
(screen shot from @jlc_ellen IG)
(screen shot from @jlc_ellen IG)


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