Jollibee National Costume Stuns Crowd at Miss Mandirigma Philippines 2023 ‘Went Viral’

In a spectacular display of Filipino creativity and cultural pride, the Miss Mandirigma Philippines Tourism 2023 pageant in General Santos City witnessed an extraordinary moment as Yuki Ito graced the stage wearing a Jollibee-inspired national costume. The iconic red and yellow Jollibee costume, adorned with a twist of cultural flair, left the audience in awe and laughter.


Jollibee, a renowned fast-food chain in the Philippines, has been a beloved part of Filipino culture since its establishment in 1979. Over the years, it has achieved remarkable success, expanding its presence not only across every corner of the Philippines but also internationally. Jollibee is known for its mouthwatering Chickenjoy, sweet-style spaghetti, and delicious burgers, making it a favorite among children and adults alike.

Jollibee Combo Meal

For a Filipino child, growing up without enjoying a meal at Jollibee is unthinkable. The experience of savoring their signature dishes while collecting the accompanying toys that come with value meals is an integral part of one’s childhood. It’s a place where friends and families gather to create cherished memories.

Jollibee Toys

Incorporating Jollibee into her national costume, Yuki Ito paid homage to this cherished Filipino institution. Her creative twist on the Jollibee costume brought smiles to the faces of the audience. Yuki playfully revealed her age, drawing laughter from the crowd, and proudly announced her hometown, the province of Bulacan.

As she strutted down the stage, Yuki couldn’t resist breaking into song, a snippet of the famous Jollibee jingle. The word “chicken” escaped her lips, triggering uproarious laughter from the spectators. Her national costume included a Jollibee Chickenjoy bucket, cleverly converted into a shoulder bag. To add to the hilarity, Yuki picked up a piece of chicken from her costume and pretended to munch on it, declaring it too precious and delicious to waste.

Miss Mandirigma Philippines 2023

The crowd’s enthusiastic response was a testament to the creativity and humor that Filipinos are known for. Yuki Ito’s performance was not just a display of her talent but also a celebration of Filipino culture and the love for a fast-food icon that holds a special place in every Filipino’s heart.

The Miss Mandirigma Philippines Tourism 2023 candidate’s Jollibee-inspired national costume became an instant hit on social media, earning her praise and admiration from netizens nationwide. Yuki’s performance was a reminder that Filipino culture is rich, diverse, and full of surprises and that even in a pageant setting, a touch of humor and a nod to our beloved icons can capture the hearts of the audience.

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