Meet the Top Sponsors: A Million-Dollar Wedding for Viral Negros Bride Finally Happens

The trending bride from Negros Oriental, Janine Suelto-Sagario, finally had her dream wedding come true, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of numerous sponsors who came forward after her story went viral. Janine and her fiancé, Jove Sagario, were initially set to wed on June 8, but due to a miscommunication, the event turned into a rushed and chaotic affair. Their entourage arrived at the venue 45 minutes early, only to be mistakenly informed they were late. This confusion stemmed from incorrect information provided by one of their female sponsors, who has since apologized for the mishap.

Negros Oriental Viral Wedding

The story of their wedding blunder quickly spread across social media, touching the hearts of many. This outpouring of sympathy led to a flurry of offers from wedding suppliers eager to help the couple have the perfect wedding they deserved.

On Monday, the couple from Amlan finally had their wedding re-do through a civil ceremony officiated by Amlan Mayor Manjo Sycip. This time, the wedding was a seamless, joyful occasion, free from the earlier chaos. The bride expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to making her dream wedding a reality.

Here are the top sponsors who played a pivotal role in ensuring Janine and Jove’s special day was unforgettable:

Head Organizer

  • John Lester Barot, the premiere violinist of Visayas, led the coordination of the event.


  • Nix Productions: Nikki Renacia
  • Think Unlimited: Calvin Peñero
  • Stephen Intong Productions: Stephen Intong
Viral Wedding Sponsors


  • Creative Concepts: Grace Sycip
  • Chic Impressions: Nikki Yee
  • WED: Agnes Tuale
  • Nilo Styling Events: Nilo Arroyo
  • Simple Creation by Athena: Ken Cantere
  • Partyholics: Anna Ballenger
  • Minimalist Events & Style: Justin Cid Balauro
  • Josef Uy, Ryca Bohol, and Angelie Calumpong

Makeup & Wardrobe

  • Makeup: Jowniefied by John Lord Cornelio
  • Hair: StrandsbyTuti by Anton Baco
  • Entourage HMUA: Alshi Gevarra, Ritche Sakyat, and Vincent Ybanez
  • Gown: Anthony Sinco

SDE Photo & Video

  • SDE Video: FoxDesign Studios
  • SDE Photos: Kairos Films


  • Justin Ray Photo: Justin Ray
  • Shutter Brylle: Nil Brylle Escala
  • White Space Studios: Jeben Taob
  • NQ Imahe: Niqou Joseph Fernandez
Viral Wedding Sponsors

Sweets & Desserts

  • Sans Rival
  • Bayawan & Santa Catalina Team
  • Antonelli’s Cuisine
  • Cake Sponsors: Nene Antivas Homemade


  • Kapeng Lokal
  • Flairemoore
  • Rufino’s
  • Optimum
  • Bounce Mobile
  • J. Coffee

Technical Team

  • Lights, Sound & LED WALL: Net Solutions
  • Amlan LGU


  • Kazandria’s Cafe and Food Catering Services
  • Babyjan
  • Tofi’s
  • Lechon Sponsors: TJP’s House of Lechon, Silogan Avenue, Popsie


  • Spincam Duma: Abby Chua
  • Wacky Pose: Rhiyad Maturan
  • Simply Alex
  • EZ Perfume
  • Fragrance Bar by Rai: Princess Colina
  • Craftyhands Duma

Transportation Sponsors

  • Dongdo Cordova: Bridal Car
  • Celso Calugcugan: VAN
  • Kent Solitana: VAN


  • Joeren Mobile
  • John Lester Barot
  • Lorane Aguilar
  • Regine Ursula
  • Alex Benedian


  • Hanz Villahermosa
  • Angela Bacang

Wedding Rings

  • Belen & Joe Jewelry

Honeymoon Stay

  • Solaj Dive and Beach Resort


  • Preparation: Cana Retreat
  • Ceremony & Reception: BROOKE’S PLACE

Fund Sponsors

  • Anonymous – Texas

Watch some video clips from their grand wedding

The couple’s wedding re-do was a testament to the kindness and generosity of strangers and friends alike, turning what was once a day of confusion into a celebration of love and community.

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