Netizens Liked and Appreciate the ‘Healthy Isaw’ as a Healthy Alternative to Grilled Isaw

In every corner and alley of the Philippines, you can witness the creative culture of Filipinos when it comes to enjoying street food. It’s an opportunity for Pinoys to savor the unique flavors of our favorite roadside treats: kwik kwik, fish balls, 2/3, grilled chicken feet, and of course, the timeless isaw (chicken intestines). However, we cannot deny that indulging in these delights can come with allergies and health risks.

Street Foods

In the Philippines, most of us have a natural affinity for street food. But despite the deliciousness and joy they bring, we cannot overlook the health risks associated with consuming them. One of the primary health concerns linked to isaw, in particular, is high uric acid levels. Elevated uric acid can have adverse effects on the body, especially when it is excessive. High uric acid levels can lead to a condition known as gout, a form of arthritis. Gout causes severe joint pain, particularly in the feet. It’s not just painful; it can also lead to complications in various parts of the body.

Improper preparation of street food can result in stomach problems and diarrhea. Cases of salmonella poisoning are common due to street food consumption. This is caused by inadequate cooking or poor hygiene practices during food preparation. Salmonella can also lead to various health complications.

Filipino Street Foods

Despite these risks, it’s no secret that many men in the Philippines have a strong inclination for alcohol consumption, and one of the common snacks to accompany these drinks is isaw. Although it’s more affordable compared to other types of bar chow, it’s not exempt from the health risks associated with its consumption.

In the pursuit of health-conscious and responsible living, a wife started thinking about alternatives to her husband’s favorite street food which is “Healthy Sitaw” as an alternative to grilled Isaw, Since isaw is prohibited for her husband’s health.


“Healthy Sitaw” is a creative alternative to isaw. Instead of using chicken liver and intestines, it is made from steamed string beans, thoroughly cleaned, and skewered on sticks, similar to how isaw is prepared.

It comes with a dipping sauce made from vinegar, onions, and chili peppers. This combination adds spice and tanginess to the dish, enhancing its flavor with each bite. Not only does it taste great, but the ingredients also offer health benefits, like the nutrition of onions and the antioxidant properties of chili peppers. However, it’s worth noting that the vinegar in the dipping sauce can also contribute to high acid levels.

Healthy Isaw

“Healthy Sitaw” is just one example of how Filipinos can be innovative, especially when it comes to taking care of their health. It demonstrates that we don’t have to compromise taste and enjoyment for the sake of our well-being. With alternative dishes like “Healthy Sitaw,” we can show that we can still savor delicious food without jeopardizing our health.

Healthy Isaw ni Misis

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