Nicolas E. Sucgang, 72 Years Old Graduates from Senior High School

In an inspiring testament to the adage “Age is just a number,” 72-year-old Nicolas “Rody” Sucgang, a resident of Batan, Aklan, recently walked across the stage to receive his Senior High School diploma. Sucgang’s accomplishment is a beacon of perseverance and dedication, proving that the pursuit of education knows no age limits.

According to a Facebook post by Carmen Selorio, a teacher at Napti Integrated School, Nicolas exemplifies the determination and resilience found in students, regardless of their age. He was enrolled in the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track, specializing in Aquaculture under the Agri-Fishery Arts Strand.

Selorio’s post celebrated Sucgang’s achievement with a powerful message: “Age is just a number… for education it doesn’t matter.” This sentiment resonates deeply, highlighting that lifelong learning is a viable and commendable pursuit for everyone.

Evan C. Regalado, the principal of Napti Integrated School, shared insights into Sucgang’s educational journey. Regalado noted that Nicolas, affectionately known as “Nong Rudy,” was a former student of Kalantiaw Institute who aspired to complete his senior high school education. Despite the challenges that come with returning to school later in life, Sucgang’s determination never wavered.

“Nong Rudy is a former student of Kalantiaw Institute who wants to pursue his studies in senior high school,” Regalado shared. “He really wants to finish his secondary education. I endorsed him to his present adviser, Ma’am Erra M. Dalida, the teacher adviser of Grade 12. He diligently attended to his studies.”

Sucgang’s story is a remarkable example of persistence. His dedication to education despite his age serves as an inspiration to others, young and old alike, emphasizing that it’s never too late to achieve one’s academic dreams. The community of Batan, Aklan, and the broader educational sphere celebrate his achievement as a milestone that challenges and redefines the conventional timelines for education.

This inspiring journey of Nicolas Sucgang encourages a broader discussion on the accessibility and inclusivity of educational opportunities for individuals of all ages. It underscores the importance of supporting and recognizing the efforts of non-traditional students, whose diverse experiences and perspectives enrich the learning environment.

Sucgang’s accomplishment reminds us that learning is a lifelong process. His graduation is a personal triumph and a community celebration of what can be achieved with perseverance, passion, and unwavering commitment to education.

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