OFWs in Hong Kong “Nagka-pikonan” Over Dispute on Presidential Bets

OFWs in Hong Kong “Nagka-pikonan” Defending Their Presidential Bets

Intense commotion of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong goes viral after “nagka-pikonan” over political dispute.

Some OFWs in Hong Kong have recently gotten into fights to protect their favorite candidates. On social media, there are recordings showing supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo and Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. arguing.

OFWs Hong Kong Nagka-pikonan

A video of Bryan Calagui being challenged by a Robredo supporter after reportedly posting a netizen against the so-called ‘Kakampink’ emerged on social media on April 18. Calagui, on the other hand, claims that he made no mention of any group in his post.

Calagui was then approached by another Robredo fan. Despite a momentary divide between BBM and Robredo supporters in Hong Kong, the conversation concluded nicely.

Calagui was attacked again by a Robredo fan after a few days. Calagui claims that the one who educated him did it for unclear motives. As a result, he was compelled to defend himself from Kakampink’s ferocious attacks.

In a video he posted on social media, he detailed the incident. He claimed that the individual had been causing him a lot of bother for a long time. He cursed him and spoke a lot of harsh stuff to me on my cell phone in a fit of rage.

“Tinatanong ko ‘yung pangalan niya ayaw niyang sabihin, ang sinabi niya sa akin magkikita kami sa Central at siya po ang unang nagsabi sa akin na wala akong b****,” he added.

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