Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Old Man Hilariously Goes Viral After Spray-Painting Green Grapes To Red

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An old man hilariously went viral on social media when he spray-painted his green grapes red while he’s under his own cart.

Old man hilariously
Screenshot from Ridiculousness’ Video

In a Facebook post from Ridiculousness, the said page posted a video where an old man hilariously spray-painted his green grapes red. With this idea, his green grapes will “be ripe at some point.


The said video already has more than 30,000 views and hundreds of reactions as of this writing. Most of the netizens reacted “Haha” on the said video. Here are some of the comments:

Old man hilariously

That man should have his little cart taken away just for cutting corners,” a netizen wrote in the comments.

Old man hilariously

Dr. Crackers want to be earned,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


It is crap like this that gives me hope for mankind – we worship money more than God and have no respect for one and other,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


That’s an idea spray-on flavoring,” another netizen wrote in the comments.

The said post also reached more than 80 shares and more than 30 comments as of this writing.


If you can make red wine from a tablet, then this one will fit in,” a netizen captioned in his shared post.

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