WATCH: Zark’s Burger Jawbreaker Challenge

Zark's Burger

WATCH: Man Finishes Zark’s Burger Jawbreaker Challenge in just 2 minutes and 8 seconds!

Do you love eating Burgers? What’s the fast food restaurant you often go and eat your favorite burger? Have you ever tried eating in Zark’s Burger? If yes, here’s you need to see. Zark’s is famous because of their Gigantic Patties, many customers enjoy eating in these restaurant. Now, their branches is greatly expanding all over the Philippines. But if you haven’t tried eating in Zark’s yet, here’s the video you need to watch.

Zark’s is not only famous because of their patties, they also have challenged mode for their customers. Here’s the video uploaded on their Facebook page that shows an extreme customer who accepted their challenged called the jawbreaker. If you finish this challenge within 5 minutes, it’s for free. Sounds easy right? But it’s not what you think. The size of the burger is not that normal.

This is Rix Francisco, he is called as “Terabite”, because he accomplished a lot of challenges not only in Zark’s Burger. In this video, you’ll about to see how Rix finishes the Zark’s Jawbreaker Challenge in less than 5 minutes!

Wow! This guy is a monster. He finishes the challenge in just 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Can you do that? Looks easy, but other customers said that you’ll never finish eating this in 5 minutes if you’re not ready and well-practiced as Rix. What do you think? Why don’t you give it a try? You can visit their page to check out their menu and if you want to see more of these challenged videos.

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Old Video Of Mar Roxas Cursing In A Rally Went Viral

Old video shows Mar Roxas cursing in a public rally.

Presidential candidate Mar Roxas is making rounds on the social media sites after his old video showing him cursing in public went viral again. The clip has received negative reactions from the netizens.

Mar Roxas curse

In the viral video, the former Senator was caught cursing in a 2008 anti-Charter change rally in Makati. Mar Roxas was speaking in front of approximately 7,000 people who protested against charter change which was proposed by former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“P— ina, ano ba ‘to. Tabi-tabi na po sa mga Sister, sadya ko pong sinabi ito, hindi ko gustong lumipas ang araw na ito, na hindi alam ni Gloria ang damdamin natin. Ibasura ang Cha-Cha, patayin ang “Gloria Forever” Cha-Cha na ito!,” he said.

Watch the video below:

The video has more than 200,000 views on YouTube and is being criticized by the the viewers. Many said that he should not call himself a “decent” man if he curses.

Last year, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda defended Mar Roxas, saying that he was not referring to any person.

“Like I said, there’s a difference between ‘PI’ and ‘PI mo.’ Everybody knows that ‘di ba? So you go through the video and you will see he spoke out against Charter change during that time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mar Roxas is currently busy campaigning for the presidential elections this May 9, 2016. His runningmate is Camarines Sur Representative Leni Robredo who is running for the vice president.

Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo are both being endorsed by the incumbent president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino under the Liberal Party.

Supporters Ni Duterte Pinag-aagawan Ang Mga Towel Na May Punas Ng Kanyang Pawis

Mga Supporters Ni Digong Pinag-agawan Ang Kanyang Mga Towel Na May Pawis

A video of PDP-Laban standard bearer Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte is now making rounds online showing himself giving towel to his supporters. But what is even more surprising is that there are a lot of people commenting that “he acts like a living saint.”

Facebook user Noel Celis, posted this video 5 hours ago today with a caption, “Face towel ni Presidential candidate at Davao Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte.” The video has now garnered 33,540 Views with more than 800 shares and still counting.

This video immediately went viral because many people were shocked about his action and as well as his supporters.

One Facebook user commented, “parang Black Nazarene nga or Santo”.

Noel Celis himself also reacted to the video saying, “Don’t know why he did that. But, if you’re familiar with Black Nazarene religious festival here, people would wipe their towels on Jesus Christ’s statue, believing the statue is miraculous.”

As you can see on the video, Davao City Mayor Duterte’s supporters are obviously so excited to catch the towel the mayor is giving after wiping it to his face. Many people are asking why he is doing it.

A Facebook user also commented throwing a joke on the post saying“ sige nga, sa kili-kili niya ipunas bago ihagis”

Duterte is now facing a lot of controversies with regards to his action such as his remarks on the Australian Missionary, his joke over disabled people and his dirty mouth during a business conference in Makati City.

Duterte was even featured in international news after his anti-Australian and anti-American reaction.

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Slam Dunk OST Acoustic Cover By Mavilon

Slam Dunk

WATCH: Acoustic Duo From The Philippines Plays Slam Dunk Opening Theme

Do you love watching anime? What’s your favorite anime TV series ever? If you often watch anime TV series and movies during your younger years, your childhood is epic. In every anime we watch, there’s a theme song or sound track we would often remember. Once we here their theme song on the radio or online, it will always remind us how we used watched it during our childhood years. If you like listening to some anime theme songs, here’s a great Slam Dunk OST Cover you need to see.

This video was made and uploaded by the Filipino Acoustic Duo Mavilon on their YouTube channel. In this video, they played the Slam Dunk OST in acoustic version. If you are a fan of this anime TV series, you shouldn’t miss watching this. These acoustic duo also played other anime opening theme songs like “We Are” (One Piece), “Butterfly” (Digimon), “Cha-la head-Cha-la” (Dragon Ball Z Theme) and more!

The Band members are Virtus Lenon (Guitarist/Vocals) and John Marlon Tungala (Beat box/Vocals). According to their Facebook Fan Page, this band is from Cabanatuan City, Philippines. Slam Dunk is one of the best Anime TV Series watched in GMA Network. Every Slam Dunk Fans should see this. Check this out!

WOW, this acoustic band from the Philippines is definitely amazing. This simply reminds me of my childhood years, how about you? Want to see more of their videos and covers? You can Follow them on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel to check their latest anime theme song cover.

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Street Guitarist Plays “Highway Star”

Highway Star

Damian Salazar plays Highway Star by Deep Purple – Incredible Guitar Playing!

Do you love watching great performers on street? We would often stop and watch them finish if they do some unexpected things especially if its is new to our eyes. Musicians are one of the most amazing street performers, they do a lot of tricks or stunts using their instrument to impress their audiences. Do you love watching street musicians playing rock music? If you are, here’s a video of the incredible guitarist Damian Salazar playing Highway Star you need to see.

Damian Salazar is a street guitarist. He can’t turn too many heads in some of his performance; but once you stop, watch and listen on how he plays his guitar, you will definitely love it. This video was recently uploaded on his YouTube channel.

In this video, you’re about to see one of his latest performance on street. He played the song “Highway Star” by Deep Purple, you’ll surely get amazed with his guitar skills and licks if you are a musician or a guitarist. Check this out and enjoy!

WOW, this musician is really great! What do you think? He also played and covered the songs “Sweet Child o’ mine” by Guns N Roses, “Still loving you” by Scorpions, and many more. Some of his audiences can’t relate too much by his music, but I’m sure the 80’s and 90’s guitar players or music lovers can! How about you? Would you like to see more of his performance? You can also catch and watch some of his latest video on his Facebook page and YouTube channel if you want more.

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