Lise : Live Miles Away


Lise advised that to a happy union, living separately is considerable. Everyone understands marriage as a union of two people – two people who love each other and have decided to build a home of their own. Thus leaving their own families is the primary step taken after wedding. Yet Lise Stoessel’s tip is contrary … Read more

Lifeless Fish Experiment – Mind Blowing

Fish Experiment

Fish Experiment – Watch How A Lifeless Fish Comes Back To Life Using Science

We are pretty amazed every time we see unusual things, just like a lifeless fish that comes back to life? Do you think it’s possible? Through science, some things are possible. If you want to want to witness this kind of experiment, this is the video you shouldn’t miss watching. I’m sure you’ve never seen this kind of Fish Experiment before.

What kind of Science Experiment have you tried at home? Some people do weird experiments at home, if you are one of them, here’s a another one you need to learn. You will surely impress your friends once you try to demonstrate this with them.

This video was uploaded by the channel Rumble Viral on YouTube where you can find some of the most trending, crazy and weird videos online. In this episode uploaded on their channel, you’re about to witness how these guys brings a lifeless fish back to life. Weird but it really happened. How did they do it? You better check this out!

Actually, the fish did not come back to life as the way it should be. These guys used lemon, salt and Tin foil to make this experiment possible. The materials react to create a charge that stimulates the nerves and made the dogfish move. Weird isn’t it? Have you ever done this in school?

Some people may find it cool but others might find it scary and weird. How about you? You can actually try this at home once you try to cook a fish. You’ll surely impress and surprise your friends once you make it, what do you think?

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Dream Wedding Cake Is Also A Wedding Dress

Dream Wedding cake

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Watch: Fingerless Russian Teen Now Successful Pianist – See His Story Now

Alexey Romanov

Meet Alexey Romanov, successful fingerless pianist

A Russian teenager named Alexey Romanov is now becoming a successful pianist despite having no fingers at all.

Romanov then took music lessons after being inspired by the music of Mozart and Vivaldi said in an article in The Guardian. He just took the lessons just two years ago.

Alexey then entered a music school for people like him and there he was taught how to play music and meet new friends. It is also stated that the first music that he learned playing here the soundtracks from the films Titanic and Twilight.

In that short period of learning, he has already performed for the Republic of Tatarstan’s orchestra. Now, he became popular on TV.

According to the article, Alexey was adopted by Vladimir and Luisa Levachkovye who have noticed the potential in him. The moment he was bought a synthesizer, Alexey began participating and winning competitions.

Then, he was even invited to join a music school due to a performance with the respected La Primevera chamber orchestra on television.

“During the [TV] concert I was shaking from the tension. I can’t even remember what was happening,” Alexey said.

“I walked onto the stage, sat down and started playing. I felt my knees shaking. Then I realized that I was doing well, it’s as if the melody started flowing by itself,” he added.

This performance really gained popularity across Russia and the even in social media.

Alexey is really an inspiration to other people with certain conditions to not stop from believing and doing what they really love doing.

Watch this video showing one of Alexey Romanov’s performance.


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Source: The Guardian, YouTube/Business Online TV

Watch: World’s Best Top Trick Shots

Top Trick Shots

WATCH: The World’s Most Amazing Top Trick Shots

Have you ever tried playing tops(trompo) during your childhood? Your childhood was epic if you have tried it, it is said that every Filipino kid in old generation have tried playing this. If you are one of them, here are the Amazing Top Trick Shots you need to see. You’ll surely get impressed how these guys spin their tops, I’m sure you’ve never seen these kind of tricks before.

Trompo(tops) is popular in Latin America and later it was emerged in different kind of names and countries. Some Filipinos considered tops as one of the most traditional Filipino toys, and there are also some countries who play this. Do you know how to spin a top? If you are, here’s a video you shouldn’t miss watching.

This video was uploaded by the channel Kuma Films on YouTube where you can find some of the Greatest trick videos using common and modern equipment. In this episode, you’re about to watch how these top masters play top to the next level. Many users are really impressed and amazed how these guys perform their tricks, check this out!

Wow, how cool is that? These guys are really pro in playing tops. What do you think? I’m pretty sure they took years to perfect those tricks. I wish I’ve learned these tricks when I was younger! How about you? Do you know how to do some Top Tricks? Why don’t you post a video of yourself doing some tricks?

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New Baby Coming Soon

New baby

The Welsh couple gave their kids the privilege to decide on how to announce about their new baby brother or sister. After confirming that they are having a new baby, Alex Richards and Lee Cronick, a couple who live in Llandaff North, Cardiff, came up on a certain plan – their kids are assigned to … Read more

Baby Daisy Enjoys Swimming

Baby Daisy

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A Man From Istanbul Scares Syrian Kid With A B0mb Prank (Video)

Man Scares Syrian Kid With A B0mb Prank

The war in Syria caused a serious damage not only to the nation itself but also to humanity. Everyone is affected, even the children. It caused severe trauma to everyone. Hundreds and thousands of lives and properties have been destroyed because of this one. And this really gave a worse experience to the Syrian people, especially to the children.

And even until now, many are still in danger. Every time they hear aeroplanes passing, they get terrified and it causes them to run and hide. It so very saddening seeing those innocent people suffering from this kind of injustices.

A video is now making rounds on social media sites of a Syrian child refugee being pranked with a b0mb. You will see in the video that the child is running as fast as he could when a guy told him that an aeroplane is about to drop a b0mb.

This man is from Istanbul, Turkey. Right after that scarring moment, he told the child that it was just only a prank. And for sure even you too, find it so disrespecting and bad.

As can be seen in the video, a man is walking behind as the child is sitting on the floor of the playground. He then suddenly told the kid that the plane flying is about to drop a b0mb. On the child’s panic, the kid immediately stands up and gets over the fence.

The can is in great panic and you will even feel or see that the child is really scared. He runs towards the wall and presses himself to gain some protection.


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And as can be heard, the man who took the video is giggling. They admit that the video is just a joke!

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