Priest Wearing “Pambahay” During Church Ceremony Goes Viral

A Catholic priest recently went viral because of his “pambahay” outfit while he was performing a church ceremony.

A Catholic priest is ordained to be a leader of Catholicism and his main obligation is to perform church ceremonies.

Although they are not always required to wear their priestly vestments when they are performing sacred rites but still they are expected to wear appropriate attire.

However, one priest caught the attention of many netizens because of his outfit during a christening.

Based on the article published in The Summit Express, this particular priest was photographed while performing christening with his “pambahay” outfit or house clothes.

Priest Wearing Pambahay during Church Ceremony
(Photo source: The Summit Express)

It can also be noticed that he was wearing a yellowish brown bedroom slippers.

According to the source, the Facebook post was captioned with, “Mga newbie parents, nagulat sa “summer outfit” ng pari na nag-binyag sa kanilang anak.” 

On the other hand, the said priest manage to wear a stole around his neck. Perhaps he tried to look more priestly.

Despite of that, the parents of the child, as well as several netizens, still believed that the outfit of the religious leader was an insult, according to the article.

“Hindi kasi kami na-inform na pwede summer outfit, pinaghandaan pa naman namin ang aming mga pormahan,” the child’s parents wrote. They called the getup of the priest as “summer outfit”.

(Photo source: The Summit Express)

As this was shared on social media, many netizens lambasted the religious leader for his inappropriate attire while conducting a solemn rite.

According to the source, netizens said that it will only take a few minutes to change his “pambahay” to a formal outfit or he could have put on the priest’s gown over it and no one will notice what were his clothes underneath.

However, based on the article, there were netizens who attacked the parents instead of slamming the religious leader. They pointed out that the most important thing is the ceremony and not the clothes worn by the priest.

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