PTA Meeting Goes Viral After Parents Receive a Sack of Rice Each

The recent PTA meeting at a school has taken the internet by storm, where attending parents were surprised with a sack of rice each. In a time when the cost of rice has soared, almost everyone yearns to purchase this essential staple, which we rely on daily. The price of rice has been a significant concern, with it reaching as high as 60 pesos per kilo in the recent past, prompting the government to impose a price cap.

Rice Price Cap

However, rice sellers lamented that they were incurring losses due to their high capital costs. In response, the Department of Agriculture provided financial assistance of up to 15,000 pesos each to rice retailers. One of the proposed solutions is to import rice from other countries, and we are among the highest rice importers in Asia, challenging China’s position as the top importer.

PTA Meeting Rice Distribution

In a video posted by teacher-blogger Jeric Maribao, he can be seen joyfully distributing a sack of rice after the PTA meeting at their school. Even the parents receiving the rice join in the celebration, dancing with enthusiasm. Jeric mentioned that he purchased the rice from the earnings he collected during the school break last month. He aspires to inspire parents to be supportive of their children and looks forward to giving more in the next PTA meeting.

PTA Meeting Rice Distribution

We hope that Sir Jeric Maribao continues to receive blessings so that he can bring happiness and assistance to many more. Currently, he is also knocking on the doors of our hearts, seeking support for his upcoming eye surgery. His GCash number can be found in the comments of the aforementioned video for those who wish to extend their help.

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