Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Rainy Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

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A certain video goes viral when a man wanted to propose to his girl while it was rainy, yet he slides on the floor and did the proposal after the incident.


In a Facebook post from Clyde Aguilar, he wanted to propose to Princess Claire Aguelo while it was rainy. While he was trying to get his ring, he fell on a slippery floor, yet he continued his proposal to his girl.[0]=68.ARBfJ5xhElFhyQOHNa0a0VkXAZdMlm43ykcPM7e3s6edYC73l0IQBVEs4oPi-WlBDMIzy_kk9C0aKIUNZ5Hb3EHShB4sFYKqbyV68nwu2RD-zY4LDBkTF45d7C1tN7Sk9lntd19-nnttz6zcrbejgBmpo5GrLHqNo83PHupaQfFSoEdRG7R65nvxuMk2BFvV-VQF6zmFeHWKU6CxWup5Qmis0sZLRBIjUdAlZgzSpArHsnC05MH1z8ToxGMLbKp8mqQGUOzYPIonQkY&__tn__=-R

In a Facebook video from Jennifer Jumoc-Tagaan, Clyde still continued to propose to Princess after the incident — and she said yes.

The said post from Clyde Aguilar already reached more than 200,000 views, more than 8,000 shares, and hundreds of comments as of this writing. Here are some of the comments:


Congratulations! Bahalag na tambling hahahahahahaha,” a netizen wrote in the comments. (Translate: “Congratulations! Bahala na kahit na tumbling hahahahahahaha“)


Kilig ko na nag katawa. Congraaatttsss teee,” another netizen wrote in the comments. (Translate: “Kinikilig ako habang tumatawa. Congratulations ate!“)

Here are some of the captions from their shared posts:


Hoyyyy! Wait. Hahahahaha. Mukatawa sa ko bago kiligon,” a netizen captioned in her shared post. (Translate: “Hoyyyy! Wait. Hahahahaha. Tumatawa pa ako bago ako kiligin“)


Solid. Hinigaan na. Di lang niluhuran,” another netizen captioned in her shared post.


Hahahaha! Not all proposals went as smooth as planned, but the imperfection of this momentum is what makes it PERFECT! Congrats!” another netizen captioned in her shared post.

The said post from Clyde Aguilar also reached more than 11,000 reactions as of this writing. Most of the netizens reacted Haha on the said post.

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