Road Accident Turned Into Wedding Proposal Goes Viral

Pre-nuptial photos of Kean and Bey went viral when a road accident turned into a wedding proposal in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental.

Road Accident Turned
Photo from Red Paper Studios

In a Facebook post from Red Paper Studios, Kean Nawang made an unusual proposal to Bey Imbong Jalbuena. He made a set-up that he was injured in a road accident and eventually turned into a wedding proposal.

The said post went more than 1,700 shares and hundreds of comments as of this writing. Here are some of the comments:

Road Accident Turned

Congrats pero sumbagon ko anay gajud na kuyba Ang gihatag,” a netizen wrote in comments. (Translate: Congratulations, pero parang susuntukin ko pa ata siya dahil sa kaba na binigay niya.)


“Abi ko gid tuod ni bala mo kay nalabyan ni namon kagahapon hahahaha! Anyways congrats both! Ti may amo ko sini! Sana all lang gyud!” another netizen wrote in comments. (Translate: Akala ko nga totoo ito kasi nadaanan namin ito kahapon hahahaha! Anyways congratulations both! Sana magkakaroon din ako nito! Mapapa-sana all na lang talaga!)


Congrats sa inyo sir. Benta or swap na si R6 mo kasi may pamilya ka na soon,” another netizen wrote in comments.


Sana may video para mas astig. Anyway, congrats po! Sana all. Hahahaha” another netizen wrote in comments.

Most of the comments were congratulating the couple, while some comments were hoping for a video of the said momentum. Yet Kean confirmed that the video will be available “soon”.

Yes, there is a video. For those who are asking videos of my proposal will be uploaded soon. Of course by Red Paper Studios. Thank you again for the support and great wishes,” Kean Nawang said.

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