Rosmar and Jerome’s Music Video titled “Iyakin Aw Aw” Dedicated to Bashers, Has Gone Viral

Rosmar and Her Husband Jerome’s music video titled “Iyakin Aw Aw,” dedicated to bashers, has made waves across social media, marking another triumph for the savvy entrepreneur and influencer. Rosemar has earned acclaim for her strategic business acumen, which has propelled her ventures to unprecedented success, raking in millions.

Despite her achievements, Rosmar remains grounded, never hesitating to extend a helping hand to those in need. One notable instance is her support for Diwata, which garnered widespread attention. However, amidst the praise, criticisms emerged, with doubts cast upon Rosemar’s intentions towards Diwata. Allegations surfaced that Rosemar exploited Diwata for content creation purposes.

Rosmar herself has faced her fair share of criticism, particularly when she ventured into a business similar to that of Pares Queen Diwata. This became the focal point of her music video, where she clarified her motives. Through her vlogs, Rosmar introduced her 60-year-old cook, showcasing how he earns a substantial income working in her establishment, debunking accusations of exploitation.

Rosemar’s primary goal in her ventures, including her pares business, is altruistic. She prioritizes helping others over concerns of profitability, disregarding the negative comments hurled by bashers. Her focus remains on aiding those in need, especially individuals who have not had the opportunity to pursue higher education.

In her journey as an entrepreneur and influencer, Rosemar exemplifies resilience and compassion. Despite facing challenges and criticisms, she continues to forge ahead, driven by her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through her music video “Iyakin Aw Aw,” Rosemar not only addresses her detractors but also reaffirms her commitment to uplifting others and fostering a community of support and empowerment.

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