Friday, December 2, 2022

Sandara Park’s Expensive Plastic Bag Received Funny Reactions

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Several netizens have funny reactions regarding the expensive transparent plastic bag of Sandara Park which she recently showed on social media.

Actress and singer Sandara Park is also known for her high fashion sense as she frequently showcases her trendy outfits and accessories.

The recent fashion trend she shared on social media is her transparent plastic bag which costs USD $590 which in the Philippine currency it is more or less P30,600.

Based on a previous article, the said expensive plastic bag is from French brand Celine’s Spring 2018 Collection.

Sandara Park
(file photo)

As she shared her photo using the Celine plastic bag on social media, many netizens had hilarious reactions about it.

There were those who had their own version of Sandara’s photo with transparent bag while she did her shopping in Singapore.

Netizens also posted some photos copying the pose of the singer/actress but instead of the expensive plastic bag from Celine, they used ordinary plastic bags, based on the article published in ABS-CBN.

Twitter user @chelledeasis posted photos of her featuring different kinds of plastic bags.

(@chelledeasis Twitter)

“Got my new bag from lazada thanks to  ” she said on her caption tagging Sandara as her inspiration for the said photos.
Another netizen in the person of Twitter user @baekenemen posted photos showing the difference between Dara’s expensive bag and the one used by a friend.

(@baekenemen Twitter)

plastic bag vs. my friend plastic bag HAHAHAHHA THE DIFFERENCE,” the netizen said in the caption.


Twitter user @hoeforrevel, on the other hand, posted a “hugot” instead of her own version of Dara’s expensive plastic bag.
Dara’s photo was also shared on “Soshal Climbers Unite!” Facebook group.

According to the source, one of the admin account in the said FB group, Vivian Tan, blow a joke about the expensive plastic of Sandara Park.

“Ang mahal! Tapos mamromroblema ka pa kasi baka makita suklay mo na ganito,” Tan said as she showed a photo of a cheap comb.

(Instagram story ng The Soshal Network via ABS-CBN)


  1. Suck it up people! If you cant afford it back off..let her be! Dont make a fool of yourself just because you’re jealous!!


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