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Selfless Father In Viral Jollibee Photo Is Living This Kind Of Life Now

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This is the life now of a selfless father whose photo at Jollibee went viral

Ryan Arebuabo is a selfless father who went viral as he caught the attention of many netizens when his photo was uploaded on social media as he was seen just looking intently to his daughter while they treat them for Jollibee’s ‘Chicken Joy’.

Selfless Father

He chose to treat his kids with a special meal for their graduation instead of choosing a cheaper eatery for the three of them. Apparently, he can just afford his daughters’ food that time.

After seeing that situation, netizen Jhunnel Sarajan uploaded the heart-warming photo of a selfless father on social media which allowed other people to extend help for him, based on the article published in Pilipino News.

Arebuabo’s sister helped him to have his own bank account and donations from generous people started to come in.

His family is still living in their 4-square meter makeshift home but through the donations, he was able to buy new materials for walls, roof and doors of their humble home.

He was also able to buy new two tricycles which he now rents out. Aside from that, his mini store, which earned P100-200 before now earns P500 on a daily basis.

The money from donations, together with his earnings from sari-sari store and allowance from 4Ps, these help the selfless father a lot in providing for his kids.

His blessings do not end just there, because Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual, who portrayed as him when his story was told in ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’, pledged to send his daughters to private school.

When it comes to the school supplies of Arebuabo’s two kids, it is already handled by a local book store, based on the article.

This goes to show that a selfless act of a father to his children can indeed be rewarded with so much blessings.

(photos: ABS-CBN via Pilipino News)


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