Senator Imee Marcos’s Facial Expression Goes Viral as President Bongbong Marcos Addresses Rice Price Cap

Netizens were captivated by Imee Marcos’s reaction as Bongbong Marcos spoke before the media regarding the imposed price cap on rice, intended for a few. Imee appeared displeased with her sibling’s statements.

Imee Bong Bong

The skyrocketing price of rice, which reached over 60 pesos per kilo, has become the talk of the town and headline news. Most people didn’t anticipate this, especially since rice is a staple in our daily diet, and many relied on Bongbong Marcos’s campaign promise of 20 pesos per kilo.

Soaring Rice Prices

According to the Department of Agriculture, where Bongbong Marcos serves as the secretary himself, the shortage in supply and hoarding by traders are the reasons behind the exorbitant market prices. One proposed solution is importing rice from other countries. Recently, it was reported that we have become the largest rice importer, even surpassing China.

Imee Discompyado

Last week, the government distributed rice acquired from various sources to 4Ps beneficiaries, which is where the aforementioned interview took place. While President Bongbong Marcos was speaking, netizens noticed Senator Imee Marcos’s agitated reaction, as she seemed skeptical of her brother’s words. This led to the viral spread of the said interview.

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