Social Media Outcry: Sympathy for Elderly E-bike Driver Facing High Fine in Bacolod

On social media, expressions of sympathy and regret have flooded in from netizens after Aiai Cuizon Solito posted a picture containing the receipt and the face of an elderly e-bike driver caught in Bacolod City. The ticket, amounting to 1,200 pesos, was immediately imposed on him, seemingly excessive for someone who appears unable to afford such a penalty.

Ebike Driver in Bacolod City

In the post, Aiai presented the receipt of the mentioned ticket along with the face of the elderly e-bike driver, reflecting a sense of regret and longing. This incident has garnered a myriad of reactions from the online community, with netizens focusing more on the plight of the elderly individual.

The primary concern raised by netizens is the insufficient income of the elderly man, reportedly not reaching 300 pesos per day. Netizens pointed out that, in some way, the meager earnings of the elderly man are not enough for daily expenses, especially for buying necessities like rice for his family. The elderly man is also not spared from the need to use his savings to pay for the fine.

Towing Ticket in Bacolod City

As indicated on the ticket, the elderly man’s name is Rene National. Many have expressed their worries and appealed to Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez to pay attention to this matter. Netizens wonder how justice is served with this type of fine, especially considering that the elderly man’s income seems insufficient for such penalties.

Netizens Out Cry

Netizens have also noticed the increase in fines from the previous 300 pesos imposed on e-bike drivers. Some have stated that this is a result of implementing strict towing policies on the streets of Bacolod City. The sudden increase in the fine amount has caused confusion and concern among drivers, especially for individuals like Rene National who may lack proper knowledge about it.

In general, netizens have poured out sympathy and understanding for the situation of Rene National. This serves as a harsh reminder to everyone that not everyone can immediately pay a large amount, especially if it comes from a few hours of hard work and dedication on the road.

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