Young Boys With “Hard To Pronounce Names” Caught Netizens’ Attention

Netizens expressed various reactions upon seeing the strange names of several young boys which are so hard to pronounce.

Parents sometimes spend great effort in naming their children because they want it to be unique-sounding, however, there are those who sometimes exceed to the standard of being unique and it reaches to the point of providing their babies strange names.

This is what happened to the names of several young boys which were uploaded in the Facebook Page of Viral Photos.

Strange Names
(screen shot from Viral Photos FB Page)

Upon seeing the strange names on the school identification card of these male students, netizens reacted with various reactions, based on the article recently published in

The names are so strange that no one can seem to know how to pronounce it.

‘CKLYFPT CZRR’, a senior high student, whose name was perceived by netizens as what his parents gave him after playing the keyboard.

‘DZYWRYGH LYNZH’, an elementary student, and netizens clearly concluded that his parents perhaps did not know about vowels and some said that it is just like creating an account and the one you entered already existed and you have to create the strangest name you could think of.

It seems that the parents of the elementary student are really fond of giving their children strange names because his older also has a very difficult to pronounce name.

‘PZXYDYNN YZZYR’, a college student, and netizens also reacted with great amazement on this. One said that his name is just like a tracking code from a money transfer while there is one who said that it is something to be grateful that she was given a short name.

‘DJYKNYLL RYSYM’, also a senior high student, who is also a brother of the two aforementioned young boys.

Upon knowing that the three brothers were named like this, netizens where asking what was the problem of the Tamayo parents why they gave their children strange names.

The question was answered by their mother who said, “Wala naman po. Para maiba lang. Jon kc name ng tatay nila eh di naman Junior tas Mercy name ko. Super simple kaya binawi sa name ng mga anak ko,” based on the article.

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