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Street Food Cart In Davao City Captured The Hearts Of Netizens Due To This Reason

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Why this street food cart in Davao City captured the hearts of many netizens?

A street food cart in Davao City goes viral on Facebook just recently for the story behind it.

Street Food Cart
(Febie Libarios FB post)

Eating street foods has been part of the Filipino culture for several years now and some small-scale businessmen choose to sell these kinds of products because of its accessibility to the customers.

Throughout the years, Pinoy street food vendors have invented their own style and gimmicks in order for their street foods to be unique from anyone else.

(Febie Libarios FB post)

An example to this are the owners of “GB” street food cart in Davao City. They captured the hearts of many netizens as one of their customers uploaded video and photos on Facebook.

Netizen Febie Libarios told the story of the couple who are street food vendors, based on the article published in Pilipino News.

(Febie Libarios FB post)

The said netizen was with her companions from attending church when they saw a food cart being patronized by many customers and even cars of well-off people in that area also stopped by to buy.

So she decided to find out the reason of this.

Here is the full post from Libarios.

(Febie Libarios FB post)

The netizen also shared several photos to prove that what she said about the street food cart were true.

Based on her caption, she had indeed a great experience in eating street food from a clean cart and in addition, it was also a healthy treat.

She also encouraged her fellow Davaoeños to try the street food cart, based on the article.

As of the writing, the video posted by Libarious has already reached more than 67 thousand views and her post already has more than 800 reactions with more than 400 shares.


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