Teacher’s Strict Exam Method Goes Viral, Garnering Hundreds of Thousands of Views

A teacher’s strict exam method has gained various praises and garnered hundreds of thousands of views, capturing the attention of netizens who appreciate the approach, believing it encourages students to exert more effort in their studies.

Student playing Mobile Legends

In today’s time, it is noticeable that cell phones and online games are becoming increasingly popular, causing students to be engrossed in gadgets, and rarely can one find students truly focused on studying unless they have dedicated commitment.

I observed that in the present era, where cell phones and online games are prevalent, students seem to be getting addicted to gadgets. It has become rare to see students fully devoted to their studies unless they are genuinely dedicated. In the past, one needed to go to the library and allocate time for research. Nowadays, it is easy to search on Google or ask an AI, but these have negative effects on students since everything becomes easily accessible to them.

I would like to clarify that I am not generalizing; this is just my observation. Also, due to social media and cell phones, teachers find it challenging to implement strict discipline, as their actions can be posted on social media, potentially leading to embarrassment and job loss.

Student Nowadays

However, a viral video showcases a unique form of discipline where a teacher, situated on the second-floor canopy of a school building (without specifying the location), can see the students taking the exam. This quickly went viral, and many netizens admired the teacher’s method of disciplining students.

Even though the students may find it difficult to look around and see their classmates during the exam, this method can significantly contribute to their efforts in studying and play a crucial role in their success.

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