Tears Flowed from Netizens Eyes After a Teacher Shared Student’s Lunchbox Came from Used Paint Container

In the past, we featured a post by a teacher where her students used an old container of dishwashing paste as their lunchbox for school, a place where many hearts were touched. Another teacher’s heart was moved when she saw her student’s lunch packed from a used paint container.

Student Lunchbox

Based on her Facebook post, Shema B. Eslozar has been teaching at Tiguisan Elementary School for 8 years, and she has experienced and witnessed a lot from her students. This particular incident deeply touched her and brought tears to her eyes after she saw her student’s lunchbox, which used to be a paint container.

Tiguisan Elementary School is located at Barangay Montilla in Moises Padilla (Magallon), Negros Occidental. It’s quite far from the town, and reaching it requires a long journey, starting with a habal-habal ride followed by a significant walk due to the rugged terrain. Accessibility is a major problem, and that’s one reason why some students stop attending school.

Tiguisan Elementary School

Here, you can also see the dedication of a teacher like Ma’am Eslozar. Despite the school’s remote location, she patiently goes there to fulfill her duties as a teacher. Considering the high transportation costs, her salary barely covers her expenses. Because most of her students come from impoverished backgrounds, she frequently witnesses such scenes among her students.

In her post, Ma’am Shema B. Eslozar mentioned that her goal is not to seek attention but to share this post with “sincerity, respect, and humbleness to my dear Facebook friends & the people I know.” She was surprised when her child asked her how they could help, which led her to ponder how they could make a difference. She promised to give her all as a teacher to educate them well.

Student Lunchbox

Hopefully, the Department of Education (DepEd) will not only prioritize confidential funds but also consider teachers who endure the challenges of working in remote areas. Their meager salaries often don’t cover the daily commute to these distant schools.

Many netizens were moved to tears, and some expressed a desire to help the student in question. To Ma’am Eslozar B. Eslozar, thank you very much for your care for your students and your commitment to educating them well.

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