Viral TossCoin Event: SK Kagawad Candidates Await Winner’s Outcome Like Miss Universe Scene

It’s saddening to think that in the current state of politics in the Philippines, many elections, including the recent SK and barangay election, often end in violence and chaos. This has led to unpleasant experiences and even lives lost due to unforeseen incidents. It’s a harsh reality that violence has become a part of our culture during elections.

SKB Elections 2023

Sometimes, it escalates into personal conflicts, physical altercations, and, tragically, even fatalities. It’s painful to realize that many of our fellow citizens fall into discord and confrontation solely because of politics. During such times, families are not spared from the divisiveness. This is not the right way for citizens to engage in political rivalry and compromise.

However, despite the unfortunate events that often mar elections, there are still moments that inspire and offer hope. A prime example of this is the recent coin toss between two SK Kagawad candidates, Kristille Mae Tababa Endaya and Ivana Centenales Dhela Fowre, in Barangay Caloocan, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

SKB Elections 2023

In a Facebook post by Jeanie Roe Margallo Alfonga, instead of harboring discord, anger, or envy toward each other, the two candidates displayed remarkable sportsmanship. The coin toss is a method used to determine the winner in the event of a tie. But instead of creating tension, they both eagerly awaited the results with joy.

The unity and friendship shown by these two candidates should serve as an inspiration to us all. They demonstrated that we can respect each other and engage in fair competition in politics. We should strive to be more humane and respectful in our political battles.

SKB Elections 2023

In the upcoming elections, let this incident be a lesson for all candidates. We should embody the spirit of fair competition and respect for one another. Let us not forget that the purpose of elections is to serve the welfare of the nation, and not personal interests alone.

May this heartwarming example inspire all Filipinos to improve the state of politics in the country. Friendship and respect during elections can be a symbol of hope that in the future, we will have more peaceful and fair elections.

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